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Accademia Gallery

Indirizzo : Via Ricasoli, 58 Durata : 2 h


Explore the gallery and focus on David’s sculpture of Michelangelo!

What You Can Expect

The locally qualified guide will introduce you to this museum revealing all the secrets about David, and the other masterpieces hosted in it. After that quick detour, the guide will lead you to the Hall of the Colossus to see the works of art of Giambologna’s “Rape of the Sabines”, Cassone Adimari, Domenico Ghirlandaio’s solemn “St. Stephen between St. James and St. Peter”, then onto the main Hall of the Prisoners to learn more about the unfinished statues by Michelangelo “Slaves”, and the friendship and mutual influence with artist like Fra’ Bartolomeo, Pontormo, Granacci, etc..

Later, the guide will spend time at The Tribune, sharing all the information of the world-famous statue of Michelangelo “David’s Statue” and the Tribune Left Wing “Allori’s Coronation of the Virgin Mary”.

Finally, the guide will also introduce you to the Gipsoteca Bartolini the plaster casts of the Reclining Venus, Arnolfo, Brunelleschi and Lorenzo Monaco, Documentation center on the first floor.

The tour takes about an hour, the perfect amount to see the highlights inside the museum without feeling overwhelmed. You can also return to anything you might want to see again, including the David, after the tour ends.

Important :
The customer must buy the ticket from its own. 


Via Ricasoli, 58
Punto di Partenza

Piazza San Marco 9, 50122 Firenze Florence, Italy

Orario di Partenza
10:00 / 12:30
2 h
Max Pers.
10 pers.
Prenotazione Prima della Partenza
1 giorno/i
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Accademia Gallery skip-the-line ticket, don't waste your time queuing for the whole day!
The home of Michelangelo's original sculpture David
A passionate and art-lover local guide


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