Secrets, Legends and Misteries in Florence : Part I

The streets of Florence , especially in the morning, offer a great tranquility that is felt with great intensity in the small streets of the center .
The atmosphere that hovers is one of serenity imagining her as a lady who slowly wakes up and who, still asleep, turns over in the blankets. The luxury of this peace can be found in Via Dante Alighieri, Piazza San Martino and Via dei Magazzini .
In a poutpurri made up of studded doors, exposed bricks and affixed symbols that recall the characters of the past , stands the plaque “ ..I was born and raised above the Arno river at the Gran Villa. “; this sentence by Dante Alighieri , taken from his Divine Comedy, is a preamble to what is not far away, in Via Santa Margherita, where the so-called Casa di Dante stands .
It is not known whether this is actually the poet’s house even if Dante himself wrote that he was born nearby and despite the fact that he met the love of his life Beatrice Donati nearby.
Casa di Dante is a museum in Florence, attached to the Church of Dante , which is managed by Unione Fiorentina .

(Photo by Costruire Siti)

In any case, through the Star Florence agency it is possible to admire this building by joining a Walking Tour in Florence.



Not very far from Dante’s House, just below the Duomo of Florence, we can find the stone where the poet used to sit and reflect on his works or, normally, on himself. The index of the alleged ownership is given by the plate “I Vero Sasso di Dante“.

(Photo by Costruire Siti)

In a frame of details, of which many hide from prying eyes, as if the city itself wanted to protect itself from its observers, it is possible to perceive how much the image of Florence is still deeply linked to a past full of secrets.
It is incredible to see how much Florence has had over the centuries the great possibility of being able to tell itself without letting too much of itself be leaked, as if to give the impression, in fact, of having eternal and unattainable mysteries.

This and much more is the city of Florence .


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