Dante in Siena

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Dante in Siena

Discover Siena through Dante’s poetry.
Siena seen through Dante’s eyes with a guided tour in the medieval streets of Siena searching for Dante’s plaques.


Discovering this illustrious protagonist and witness of the Middle Ages and the period he spent in the city that we find, punctually, in his quotes.

From the words and verses that we will meet, we will be able to discover facts, people and legends related to the Sienese universe that only the poet's prolonged stay in the city and an in-depth knowledge of the local reality could describe.

In 1921 the city hall of Siena created and exposed Dante’s plaques of quotes to celebrate the 600th anniversary of his departure.

Walk through the medieval alleys and recall the stories of the charachters mentioned in the Divine Comedy and quoted in the plaques.

Two female figures stand out amongst the others: Pia de Tolomei who was made famous and immortalized by Dante in the fifth Canto of Purgatory.

The other one is Sapia Salvani, contemporary of Pia, a completely different kind of female figure due of her temper. Dante speaks about her as a person very envious, full of political hate and desire of revenge against her city.

Nel contesto delle feroci lotte fra guelfi e ghibellini che funestarono la vita della città non mancherà l’eroe della battaglia di Monteaperti, Provenzano Salvani.

You will eventually get to know Dante’s opinion about the citizens of Siena, whom he blamed because of their controversial attitudes.

Join us in a thrilling experience to discover hidden glimpses of Siena.

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